Monday, August 07, 2006

Goody Two Shoes

You Tube is my new favorite website. No one will ever be able to archive my stream-of-consciousness path as I click from probably-illegally-posted video to probably-illegally-posted video. If I were going to make this a very intelligent post, I would probably spend the rest of it discussing the legalities of You Tube. Instead, I am just going to highlight all the "archive-y" words in this post, because I actually logged on tonight because yesterday evening in the car I heard "Goody Two Shoes" by Adam and the Ants and it reminded me that there was a librarian in that video. When I watched it I realized that my memory was incorrect. She's not a librarian, she's a journalist. So nevermind.

That led me to search for archivist on You Tube, and I found this amazing training video that describes the life of an archivist. It appears to have been created by a site called Career One Stop. Anyone know if those are real archivists, and who wrote the text? It's actually a nice, little video - if I had a video iPod, I would try to add it on and show it to people whenever they ask what I do for a living. I'd be a hit at parties.

How many of these archival functions did you perform today?

* Archivists patiently sort historically valuable paper, film, and electronic records...
I wish. I mean, I supervise students who patiently sort historically valuable paper records. We don't sort the film; we just throw it in a box and I watch the students cringe as the harsh realities of life start to sink in to them. I also instruct the students on how to patiently "deaccession" those paper, film, and electronic (hahaha) records that are not historically valuable. With apologies to Sir Hilary Jenkinson, of course.

* [Archivists wear white gloves while patiently sorting these historically valuable paper documents]
I don't. Although I appreciate that they are trying to showcase careful handling of materials. But those gloves are just going to tear that paper... Sometimes gloves are necessary. Like when the historically valuable paper records have been acting as a mouse bathroom for decades.

* It's important that archivists be up-to-date on modern technology...
How much do I love that they show a shelf of old books when they read this line?

* Although usually comfortably quiet, the work place can be crowded with stored materials
How much do I also love the realistic portrayal of an archivist's work space? Although my work place is almost never comfortably quiet.

* The job may require bending to lift heavy boxes and climbing ladders to reach high shelves
I did this today! Lifted heavy boxes and climbed a ladder. I like to use the archives as my own personal gym.

* This is a job that goes far beyond simply keeping track of old documents. Archivists are vital guardians of fragile and often irreplacable history.

Rock on...


Anonymous Christie said...

Whoa . . . You know what they say about great minds? It looks like you and I blogged about the same video almost simultaneously -- I was sitting next to the Informologist (my source) when he was inspired to search YouTube for "Archivist," which must have been right around the same time that the same inspiration hit you. Weird, weird, weird.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 9:12:00 PM  
Blogger irreverent archivist said...

That is really, really weird... and, of course, I have been sending that link to every archivist I know. I bet they're wondering why they're getting all these hits!

Thursday, August 10, 2006 11:16:00 AM  
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